Benefits are an enormous reduction in price for the insurance or prepurchase survey if you are a member.
Upon joining we ask ask a few simple questions like when have you programmed your liftout times to be ? and what is your insurance due date ?
We then align your boats survey to your liftout and antifoul times to be 3 months before when the insurance company needs this done. Usually every five years. We save you organising a liftout just for surveying and agonising over it. A saving of $400 to $1000 just there depending on your boat length.
Substantial savings and all we ask in return is ;  
1.Is for you to pay by installment yearly in advance by credit or debit card automatically so there is no payment for you to make at survey time. The liftout is booked when you join so we phone you to make sure the liftout is ready and we do it simple as that. Taking the hassle out of surveying by coupling it with maintenance time.

If you sell your yacht and buy another and need a prepurchase survey we will do that and only charge the difference between what you have paid in and the amount left to your next survey and you start again with a realigned timeframe on the new boat.

The base pricing;
Boats up to 36 feet will be $500+GST
Boats Over 36 feet will cost $14.00 per foot+GST
Installment for base price are $100+GST per year paid automatically by credit or debit card. Amounting to $500+GST
Installments for boats over 36 feet are $14.00 x length on deck + GST divided by 5
There is a joining fee of $50 to cover administration which you can do now by emailing your email address to us at
We will send you theWelcome Pack and account details to join. Kind regards Rick Carr lead Marine Surveyor at the Marine Survey Club. I am looking forward to meeting you at survey time cheers.


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